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I made a fool of myself in Japan!

June 26, 2019

I have to tell you something before starting this post: I am the clumsiest person in the whole world!!!


I just moved to Japan, and as expected, I experienced a very embarrassing situation today! I was in my apartment, making crochet as per usual when a sudden, strange sound starts inside the room. I realised it came from one of the many devices on the wall and on the little screen appeared a guy. I quickly thought he was the postman and had brought for me an important document called "My Number" that is given to every person in Japan after making their registration in the City Hall.


In the rush not to lose the document (as the officials at the City Hall had told me and my boyfriend that if they couldn't deliver the document then we would have to go somewhere to take it - we didn't know exactly where and the communication here is pretty low as they don't speak much English) I pressed a button on the device that I thought would allow me to communicate with or allow entry to the postman...


It was clear it was the wrong button when a very weird and loud alarm started!



I was just wearing my boyfriend's shirt and underwear so I grabbed the first shorts that I saw nearby and threw them on - these turned out to be large shorts that also belonged to my boyfriend. I ran out of the flat and called the elevator and when it stopped in my floor, I entered in it fast enough to scare a guy that was inside it. He thought it was his floor and started to get out when I entered and scared him to death!


I was saying sorry! and then tried to remember something in Japanese and I said "sumimasen"! I started to laugh and the guy, who continued in the elevator was laughing too, maybe thinking "what the hell this weird foreigner is doing dressed like a homeless person?" but he still was polite saying "thank you" when he left on the next floor (Japanese are soooo polite).



I arrived at the Lobby and ran to the front desk where I saw the postman but the Hotel attendant looked at me and I said: "English?" as I know just one girl that works at the Hotel that speaks English. He asked my flat number and after I confirmed he told me to go up as the Hotel Security Guard went up there to investigate. I had to come back running again and found the Guard and the girl from the Hotel who speaks English at my front door. She asked if I had pressed the emergency button by accident and I said yes!!


She asked permission to enter in my flat to deactivate the device's emergency call. It was a weird ritual, similar to how vampires need to ask permission to enter into someone's house, and then they both took off their shoes at the entrance and as I was a bit crazy I didn't take off my flip-flops!! (It is etiquette to remove shoes before entering the house in Japan).


The guard deactivated the alarm, I was holding up my boyfriend's big shorts so they would not fall off, the girl looked more embarrassed then me and I couldn't stop laughing. I told her I had to put my boyfriend's clothes and I didn't try to explain all the yarn and crochet material all around the living room!! Is it just me that needs such a mess to be able to work? It just seems to me that I need everything in my sight so I can use whatever I may need.




Anyway, after all this mess I came back to the corridor to find the post guy with the letter, and to my surprise it was from the bank, not from the City Hall! What a mess!!! I will never be inside home working dressed like a homeless person again!


After having a shower I tried to tidy up a bit of all this mess in here, but I had to come in here to tell you guys. What a day!!! hahahaha!

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