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Fruit Bags

May 31, 2019

Yup, it is Friday!!!! What a good day to talk about good things! So let me tell you about my Fruit Jewelry Bags!



Some time ago I tested a pattern for my crochet designer friend Crochet Wizzard called "Celebration of Easter".

The pattern is composed by a Bunny and an Egg.


While crocheting the egg I felt inspired to make a little Strawberry bag with it to keep an earring and necklace I bought to give to my sister.



So after asking my friend to use some of her pattern and receiving a yes, I started making it.

The Strawberry looked so nice that not only my sister loved it, but everyone that saw it!


I then decided to make other fruits. The second one was an Pineapple, and it was very well received too!



I asked on my instagram for ideas of which fruit I should make, Dragon Fruit was suggested and I loved the challenge.



One fruit was appearing after another and now I already designed 7 of them!

My preferred one is the Banana. It reminds me of my country, Brasil. Banana is a fruit you can find in almost every Brazilian house. We like to eat Banana with Açaí (other amazing fruit we have and we eat like an ice-cream).




The fruit bags were designed to keep jewelry but now, after asking in a crochet group what people think they could be used for, it appeared so many uses that I was very happy about the versatility of it!


Some suggestions for the many uses these bags can have:


1- to keep earrings, necklace, rings etc;

2- with a little soap inside it (to be like an scented sachet);

3- surprise bags for children’s party;

4- to keep dice;

5- to keep plastic bags to pick up mess left by your dog;

6- to keep coins;

7- Christmas gift bag filled with chocolate coins and much more!!! 


Do you want to add any suggestion to this list? Just comment below!


If you are used to sell crochet in Markets, I suggest you give these pouches a try. You can find here 4 fruit patterns for just £9. Imagine how much money you can make selling these cute bags!


Than you for reading my Blog Post! Have a great weekend!


Honey Bunny Amigurumis


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