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Ami-Along February 2019

March 15, 2019

Hi again! This time I want to talk about Ami-Along!





So, what is it?

Ami-Along is a monthly event that happens at www.amigurumipatterns.net, where a group of crocheters work on the same amigurumi pattern at the same time. Every month is a new design and after paying €6.00 we get access to a forum where we can download the pdf pattern of the amigurumi of that month. In the forum you can even talk with the designer, ask questions, share pictures of our work in progress, of the finished amigurumi, etc.

It is fun to see what everybody else do with the pattern, customizing it, using different colors and yarns. It is great fun for crochet lovers!


I participated twice already, the first time on December 2018 where we made "Carter the Nutcracker" by the designer Michelle Alvarez - Bunnies & Yarn. You can find her patterns on her etsy shop:





The Ami-Along offers some prizes for whom participate in it. For example, the first one to finish the amigurumi wins  one of the amigurumipatterns books. One amigurumi is chosen by the designer at the end to win 50 Must-Have Yarns by Yarn and Colors - https://www.yarnandcolors.com/. One amigurumi is chosen by the other participants of the Ami-Along and receive the 50 yarns too. You can see all the prizes at the Ami-Along explanations on the website shared before.


My Nutcracker was chosen as the "Cutest guard of the Christmas gifts" and I had the honor to win a "50 Colors Must-Have mini yarns package by Yarn and Colors"! He was guarding the Christmas gifts so the 2 cats in the house, Titus and Tilly, didn't rip them open!






The second Ami-Along I participated was in February and the pattern was "Mavis & Marvin Monkeys" by the designer Janine - Moji-Moji design. You can find her patterns also in her etsy shop:




My Mavis & Marvin married couple received the most numbers of votes from the Ami-Along participants, and I had the happiness again to win, this time the "50 Colors Must-Have yarn package by yarn and Colors"!!!




I am waiting my prize to arrive, I will show it in my instagram as soon as I have it.

It is so exciting!!!

All this happiness should be shared! It is such a fun thing to participate that I think that all crocheters should know about it! 

I hope to see you in next Ami-Alongs!


Larissa Soares

Honey Bunny Amigurumis





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