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Amigurumi Pattern Review

February 21, 2019

 Hello friends! I am glad to announce that I finally tested an amigurumi pattern!!!!  It is a cute Pudgy Unicorn from "Choco Apple Shop".


(Pudgy Unicorn by Choco Apple Shop)


The amigurumi maker/designer, Nina Shimizu, is an amazing lady from Canada who I got to know online. She has designed some amazing little amigurumi fellows!


You can find her patterns, for FREE, in https://www.ravelry.com/designers/nina-shimizu



She also has a facebook page:     https://www.facebook.com/chocoappleshop/ 

and an instagram account:        https://www.instagram.com/choco_apple_shop/



My review of her Pudgy Unicorn Amigurumi Pattern:


1- It is a little amigurumi and the size of my Unicorn was 8 cm using Cotton Dk yarn. Therefore it is quite fast to be made and it took me around 01:30 hrs;


2- The pattern is well written, goes straight to the point, making your life easy as you don't spend much time reading the pattern;


3- She uses color in the background. She also releases the patterns on a single PDF page, so you can print it and have a nice pattern on just one page;


4- The pattern is really easy to follow. If you know how to make crochet and understand the basic techniques of making an amigurumi (such as magic ring, increase and decrease) then you will make it with no difficulties;


5- As the amigurumi is little, fast and easy to be done, it is an amazing gift that you can make for someone you love!

If you don't know how to crochet and would like to buy amigurumi for yourself or to give as a gift, you have many options of crocheters that sells the finished products.

I am one of them, and I am based in United Kingdom now. You just need to message me to discuss the details.

Nina also sells amigurumi and she lives in Canada.


My Pudgy unicorn:



Let me know if this post helped you. Any feedback will be must appreciated!

Thank you very much for reading my blog posts!



Larissa Soares

Honey Bunny Amigurumis

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