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About Cabo Verde

February 14, 2019

Hello crochet friends!

Now that I wrote a post saying "Who am I"  https://www.honeybunnyamigurumis.com/single-post/2019/01/25/Who-am-I, I will talk a little bit about Cabo Verde.

Being a Brazilian, when I heard for the first time someone talking about Cabo Verde, I had no idea where was it!

It is weird, but I don't remember learning about this country composed by 10 Islands at the Atlantic Ocean at school...





When I came to live in Sal (the bright green Island on the picture above), my first thought in here was:

- Oh my God, where the f* am I?!

Because it was so empty! Inside a car, through the road, I looked to one side and saw sand until the sea, the other side and again, sand until the sea! I was impressed how desolated the Island was!

In time I got to know more the island. There are 3 towns: Espargos, the main administrative centre, Palmeira, the port, and Santa Maria.



Santa Maria is the tourist town, where the majority of Hotels, restaurants, bars and shops are as well as some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is also where most of the Kitesurfers, Surfers and Windsurfers come in the windy season.




A really interesting fact about Cabo Verde, is that it is one of the largest nesting sites in the world of the Loggerhead sea turtle. The turtles come between the months of June and October for nesting. The eggs hatch after 50 to 60 days, and it is amazing to see that little cute animals getting out of the sand and racing to the Ocean! It is a beautiful spectacle!!! I had the honor to pass one night on the beach accompanying a couple of friends that are volunteers for Project Biodiversity (they are a non-profit organisation committed to protecting unique wildlife through community-driven environmental protection programs in Sal, Cabo Verde)! They are recruiting new volunteers now!

So check their site to know more about the Project:  https://www.projectbiodiversity.org/sal-turtle-conservation

You can also help the project buying their Turtle Lager Beer! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Turtle-Lager-12-x-330ml/dp/B07K8NH1KX




During this night, I could see 7 big Loggerhead sea turtles that came to lay their eggs, and guess what?

The very first turtle had around 30 years old (my friend Linda told me she could predict the turtle age by the size of her shell) and I was so happy for see my first Loggerhead sea turtle ever, that had around the same age as me, that my friend Linda called her "Larissa"! So everytime Larissa appears in other beaches around the world, people can look her tag number and know her name, the day she came to Sal and how many eggs she laid.





It was sad to realize how much the plastic waste impacts the environment!

I met Linda the first time in a beach cleaning organized by the Project Biodiversity.




She is also volunteer at Ospa (Organização Salense Proteção Animais) - https://ospacv.org/. Ospa is a non-profit NGO based on the island of Sal, Cabo Verde working for the protection of animals.




Linda invited me to visit Ospa and asked  if I could paint their gate, as people needed to know where it was to be able to go there, take the dogs for a walk or help them anyway the person preferred (as they need donations and volunteers to keep this amazing work going). So I painted the gate as volunteer. I made a watercolor of one little puppy that was rescued by Ospa not many days before. She was suffering from very bad mange, and I chose her because she was very chilled in the picture Linda took of her when she was rescued. Linda told me she was laying down there just observing the other puppies around her to play, in a very "Non Stress" way (this is the quote used in Cabo Verde).

I said to Linda that that puppy looked like me, for being chilled, and guess what?

Linda named the dog "Larissa"! kkkkkk

It is so funny! There is a Loggerhead turtle and a dog named after me! kkkkk

When I finished to paint the gate, people loved it! I got to know very interesting people because of this volunteer work, and it is fantastic! So be a volunteer! It is awesome!

And Larissa was not adopted yet...just saying. kkkkk




I will finish this post here, as it is long...I hope you didn't get bored! kkkkkkk

Thank you for reading my stories!

Let me know if you want to know more about Sal Island!



Larissa Soares

Honey Bunny Amigurumis




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