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Getting Free Amigurumi Patterns

January 12, 2019

Hello amigurumi lovers! If you are like me and are always searching for a new and challenging amigurumi pattern to make, and can't always pay for it, here I will give some suggestions in where to find nice patterns for free!

I would like to start with the site I love: 


1-   www.amigurumipatterns.net

They have loads and loads of patterns, and some of them are free, you just need to find the amigurumi picture without the word "premium" in their site.




2- www.amigurumi.today

In this site you have much more free patterns, but they just show it in the site page, if you want to download a PDF you have to pay around $1.99 per pattern.





3- www.lovecrochet.com

Here you just need to sign up with your email or facebook  and you can download the patterns.






4- www.storylandamis.com

This blog is really cool, the designer Holly started her amigurumis business in 2015 and she writes amazing posts in her blog and give some free patterns too.







5- www.craftsy.com

In this site you need to add the pattern to the cart and then checkout, so you can download the pattern.




6 - http://www.amidorablecrochet.ca/

This blog is full of little cutties for free!




I will stop with these 6 options, but there are many more on the internet! You can even watch videos on youtube teaching step-by-step in how to do amigus!

If you would like to suggest other place where we can find free amigurumi patterns, please comment!




Thank you for reading my post! 



Larissa Soares

Honey Bunny Amigurumis


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