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How to Design your Own Amigurumi

November 25, 2018

I will write in this post my process to design an Amigurumi, it doesn't mean that it is the only way as other designers have their own way of designing. My intention is to talk about the steps I use, so it can help those that are starting in the Amigurumi world. The pictures will show my first design, a Pterosaur that I made to participate in The Amigurumi Prehistoric Times Design Contest at www.amigurumipatterns.net. Let's start talking about how you can crochet your own Amigurumi toy:


1- Know how to crochet

This is the first and most important thing, as Amigurumis are crochet toys. I would say it is the next advancement to those that already crochet, like a specialisation.


2- Crochet a lot of Amigurumis

It is important to make as many Amigurumis as you can before trying to design your own. I would suggest to use free patterns as well as bought ones from different designers. It will show you tricks, different step-by-step guides that the designers use to create their Amigurumis, you will be put in their position when they were creating it, the only difference is that you will not be thinking about creating from zero as you already have the pattern in hands.


3- Draw the Amigurumi you want to make

Drawing will make you choose how you want the Amigurumi to be before you start crocheting. You will choose which animal or character you want to make, which colours will go where, even the size can be chosen beforehand (of course not the exact size, but an approximation of it). In the drawing process you can change something you didn't like, can play with it, so when you crochet, you will not lose time adjusting so much. If you don't know how to draw you can use a picture! You can find an animal picture on the internet, for example, and try to replicate it. My first and second Amigurumi designs i made, I used pictures from the internet. I sketch them too, but in the end I used the picture most.





4- Chose the material to use

When you know which colours and approximate size you want you can then select the materials. It includes choosing the type of yarn, the thickness of it and the crochet needle size recommended for it (that will influence in the size of the amigu, it's texture and hardness). Other materials are necessary for sewing the parts together (sewing needle), for example, as well as filling to fulfill it (acrylic fiberfill), safety eyes (if you want to use them), scissors to cut the yarn etc. Once your materials are selected it is time to work!


5- Crocheting the Amigurumi

It will be challenging, but don't give up! Even if you think it is going weird, don't worry, you can always make it better in a second try, but first you need to have the basis, so you go ahead from it. I suggest writing down what you are doing whilst you are doing it, so you don't lose this precious information and don't have to struggle trying to figure out what did you do before. This pattern can be written in the fastest way you will understand later, but always good to try and write like the patterns you like. For example, I love the books from www.amigurumipatterns.net! They take amigus from different designers and put together in a themed book! They are amazing and all the patterns are written the same way, so you get used to it very fast and start to crocheting their amigus faster and faster, this helps a lot!


6- Take pictures of it

Taking pictures of the parts of the amigurumi, how they are sewed, showing the complex parts it may have, helps you when making the second version of it, or even to use in your written down pattern, if you plan to sell it or just keep to yourself. Writing the pattern on a computer file is a good thing to do too and needed in case you want to sell it.


I think these are the important steps you need to know to start designing your own crochet toys. If you use a different process or would like to add to my list, be free to comment, I will love to know more about it!

I hope these tips can help you! I would love to see your creations too and publish them in here, so if you want, send me pictures and write me about your process via email.


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